Aluminum Body Repair Cost

On average, aluminum body repair costs more than steel body repair. However, don’t panic! There are a few common reasons why. For starters, shops like Cline Collision Repair have loads more training, and access to professional resources to stay up to date with the latest changes and advancements in the aluminum body repair industry. As a certified shop, it is a lot easier to get what we need, and we already have the specialty tools and training necessary to get the job done. This makes the work cheaper for you. If you were to bring your vehicle into another shop that is not certified, brace yourself for sticker shock. They likely do not do the repairs as often and must search out additional training for your job specifically. This can make your costs skyrocket. Working with aluminum is not any more difficult of a task than working with steel, it is just different. Now that the Ford F-150 is aluminum bodied, other body shops should be catching up with these changes. After all, it is consistently the USA’s most popular pickup truck every year. The cost will be less for aluminum body repair when you choose a professional certified shop like Cline Collision Center. Don’t be tempted by a low estimate of a shop that is not certified. This can back fire and cost you significantly more than before.

Aluminum Body Repair Cost

Take it from one of our customers, John M., who left us this 5-star review on yelp:

“There are a lot of body shops to choose from on Piner Road, but Cline is a cut above the rest.  The shop is always immaculately clean, the service writers and the repair techs are courteous and professional and the level of attention they pay to detail here is impressive.

I had the front bumper nearly to torn off of my Chrysler, and they had me in and out in 30 minutes and on the road after clipping it back in place.  100% recommend these guys for any collision or incidental damage repairs; they are the real deal”.

Or another from our happy customer Anthony M.

“My car, a 2014 Kia Optiama, was at Cline for both front end and rear end damage (Totaling about $9,000). Dealing with Joe for the quote process was painless. No appointment, I just dropped in, it took 12 minutes’ tops. Cline dealt with the insurance company, had enterprise pick me up… It couldn’t have gone smoother. I loved that they use the service so I can login online and check the status of my repair and even get text/email updates. Pickup was delayed by a few days due to a wrong part, but it was over a holiday weekend and I was out of town anyway so it worked. When I picked up the car yesterday I was shocked. It looked brand new, the paint match was impeccable, the bumper/lights/panels all lined up evenly and snugly and the cheery on top was a full seemingly professional wash and detail (It was cleaner than when I drove it off the dealer’s lot brand new) 10/10. If you’re reading this after an accident thinking about taking your car here, do yourself a favor and just do it, you won’t regret it”.

Nobody wants to be involved in a collision, but if that day arises, Cline Collision Center is the body shop you’ve been looking for.

How to Repair Aluminum Body Panels

What makes a body shop like Cline Collision Center unique, is that not all aluminum is the same, but we know how to work with each type. Different vehicle manufacturers use different types of aluminum with different alloys, along with characteristics. There’re multiple ways to repair an aluminum panel, which is why the Ford Certified Body Shop Program exists- to help shops learn the differences and how to work with each of them. Why do aluminum panels exist anyway? They promote better fuel economy. Everyone loves to save on gas! How to Repair Aluminum Body Panels

Aluminum behaves differently than steel. Once it is reshaped it forgets its original form and will take on a new shape, unlike a steel part that will remember the form it used to be in. It is a work hardened material. When aluminum is stamped into shape it becomes stronger. After the panel is bent in a collision it becomes stronger. Flex it too much and it breaks or cracks, like a bent spoon. To repair and pull the damaged area, the panel must be heated to 400°F to allow the metal to soften. Aluminum dissipates heat very quickly but can become permanently changed if heated past a certain point, and that point is approximately 750°F. The heated panel can now be pulled and while pulling the material it is being work hardened to set the new memory of the collision repair.

A thin coating of aluminum oxide forms after being exposed to the air in as little as 15 minutes. This oxidation has a much higher melting temperature than the original aluminum material and a stud will not fuse correctly to the panel. Aluminum’s melting point is 1,200°F and aluminum oxide is 3,700°F. The oxide can be removed using a stainless-steel brush.

A few tools you will need are an abrasive grinding disc, inline removal tool and stainless-steel brushes to remove the paint and oxide coating. To shape the metal, it must be softened. Heat to the to the appropriate temperature with a digital temperature set heat gun for heat control. Aluminum has a high thermal conductivity and heat travels throughout the panel rather than in a concentrated spot. Some technicians use the aid of coworker to heat the area while the other uses the dent pulling tool. If you go above 750°F the structural rigidity of the part could be permanently annealed.

As you can see there’s a lot that goes into aluminum body repair. Trust the pros at Cline Collision Center to get the job done right the first time!

Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop

It’s not every day that you’ll come across a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop. It takes specialty tools, training, and certifications to achieve this distinction. However, you’ll know you’re trusting your Ford to the best when you bring your vehicle to our aluminum specialists at Cline Collision Center. It is not a quick and easy process to become certified either. A body shop must be able to prove their skill set. At least two technicians must take and pass certification courses. Our technicians learn proper welding techniques, address safety issues, prepare metal surfaces, and identify weld defects. This is just the start of what it takes to become certified. After becoming certified, ongoing training must occur to maintain status as a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop. This is because every year new vehicles come out with different body styles, and technologies. Which means technicians need to stay up to date with the latest changes and be able to adapt to Ford Certified Body Shopthem. A popular saying by Ford is “a Ford Car Deserves Ford Collision Parts”, we are here to assure you that is exactly what you’ll be getting when you choose Cline Collision Center for all your Ford aluminum body needs. Don’t forget, it is up to you to choose where you’re happiest having your repairs completed. While insurance companies can make suggestions, you get the final say in which body shop your vehicle is repaired at. Why did Ford create the certification program to be come a Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop? For starters, working with an aluminum body is very different than other forms of body work. Also, Ford introduced the program in hopes to train body shop technicians on how to effectively repair their popular 2015 Ford F-150 truck. We are still just a few years into the Ford aluminum body repair era. Research shows that 52% of people find OEM certification to be the most important factor in choosing a body shop. We not only specialize in Ford Aluminum repair, but we use Ford OEM parts to do so.

Here are some of the general business requirements to becoming certified by Ford:

1. Be in business for a minimum of (5) years, or possess verifiable credit rating and service history

2. Provide proof of Garage Keepers Liability insurance with a minimum of $1M policy limit

3. Provide customers with a Limited Lifetime Warranty

4. Subscribe to an electronic p-page logic estimating system

5. Follow all Local, State and Federal government regulatory requirements

When you bring your Ford to Cline Collision Center, you know you’ll be in good hands with our Ford Aluminum Certified Body Shop.