How to Protect Your Car’s Paint from the Heat

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It’s common to hear about “winterizing” your vehicle, but what about bracing it for the dog days of summer? Although frigid temperatures take a toll on your vehicle, warm sunny days can also affect your car’s interior—and paint. Without proper sun and heat protection, you could end up with a patchy paint job years from now.

Fortunately, protecting the finish and paint is fairly simple. By following these easy steps, you can head off heat damage, boost your car’s curb appeal, and protect its resale value!

Wash It

Car washes do more than just keep your car looking clean shiny. Car washes remove dirt and debris that can create miniature scratches on your vehicle’s finish. They also help to remove harmful acidic residues that can cause discoloration or etching over time, like dead bugs or bird droppings. Although you may be tempted to let your car drip dry, this can leave behind mineral deposits that can also damage the paint over time. Use a soft, clean cloth to dry the exterior and remove any water.

Wax It

UV rays can cause the paint to crack and fade, as well as break down rubber, vinyl, and leather. Once your car is clean and shiny, applying wax will add a defensive layer between the paint and the sun. Wax also has the benefit of preventing pitting in the paint and dirt, grime, and other grit from attaching to the finish.

Engine Heat

Heat and light from the sun are damaging to your paint, but what about heat from your engine? As the working temperature of the engine gets hotter during warm summer days, it can take longer for the engine to cool down. In turn, the extra heat from the engine can transfer to the hood and the paint. Ensuring your car’s cooling system is in good working order will help the engine run cooler and minimize the chances of hood heat damage.

Seek Out Shade

Parking in the shade helps keep your interior cooler; it has the same effect on your car’s exterior. By parking in the shade, fewer UV rays can reach the car and the general heat stress is reduced. If there’s no shade in sight, consider using a car cover or sun reflectors in the windows to prevent interior fading and keep the temperature cooler.

Don’t Forget the Interior!

Although we’re focusing on the paint, it’s still worth mentioning that the interior can use some love during the summer, too. The scorching heat from the sun can bake grime into the dashboard and other surfaces. Depending on your vehicle, you may be able to use household cleansers (like soapy water) to clean the surfaces, although you can also find auto-specific cleansing products that include UV protection. Check your owner’s manual to see if there are any suggested cleansers (or ones to avoid).

Patchy Paint or Other Exterior Woes? Contact Cline Collision Center!

By following these simple tips, you can protect your car from harmful light and heat and keep it looking great for years to come. But what if your vehicle has paint damage from a collision? Bring it to the pros at Cline Collision Center! With our expert painting services and OEM factory-certified auto body repair on a wide range of makes, we’ll have your vehicle back to its pre-accident condition in no time. And we throw in a complimentary auto detailing! Call us today at 707-591-9909 or request an appointment online.