Audi Aluminum Body Repair Santa Rosa

Audi Aluminum Body Repair Santa RosaDid you know that you don’t have to drive far for Audi aluminum body repair in Santa Rosa? Cline Collision Center is one of the few body shops in the area that has the facilities for aluminum body repair and we are a recognized Audi OEM body shop! This means two things: we are in an unique position to help our valued customers that have aluminum body vehicles, Audis, or aluminum bodied Audis- like the new Audi A4. As more and more cars are made with aluminum, it is becoming more important to have the specialized equipment and training necessary to complete a proper repair job. The tools for traditional steel body repairs cannot be used on aluminum because the metals are highly corrosive to one another; even steel dust can corrode aluminum. This means that aluminum body repairs and services need to be completed with totally different equipment and in a separate space. Cline Collision Center has dedicated the time and money to make sure we have the equipment, facilities, and training to handle your aluminum body repairs.

Locally Owned and Operated Auto Repair

In addition to being an Audi aluminum body repair center in Santa Rosa, we are also recognized as an Audi OEM body shop. OEM stands for original equipment manufacturer, and indicates that we only use original parts for your repair. There are plenty of cheaper knockoff options. However, these parts run the risk of not fitting properly, rusting, or deteriorating in another manner. With Cline Collision Center repairs, you are guaranteed a high quality product and service because we use OEM parts and factory standardized repairs. We care about each client and repair, which is why we stand behind every repair.

With Cline Collision Center, “Choosing Us Is No Accident”. We are a locally owned and operated business that works hard for our customers. You can read our Yelp reviews to see the amazing work we do for clients, and we look forward to you coming in to see us when you need Audi aluminum body repair in Santa Rosa.