Auto Body Shops in Santa Rosa CA

Auto Body Shops in Santa Rosa CAWhen you consider all the auto body shops in Santa Rosa, CA to fix a dent on your car there is one name that stands out above the rest for quality and service. That name is Cline Collision Center. Whether your car has been in a massive accident and needs an entire new front or back end or you have simply been hit by an unsuspecting door in a parking lot Cline can help get your car back on the road, with the best car auto body, in like new condition so that you will be able to continue driving in a great looking car.

Service, Quality, and Integrity

As one of the leading auto body shops in Santa Rosa, CA, Cline offers you a wide variety of services. If you need to fix a dent, they can get it done for you; if you need to have a large collision repair done, they are the team to turn to. Their expertise and experience will ensure your car is returned to you better looking than it was before you had your fender bender or other accident. During the repair process the team at Cline will help you to file paperwork or secure a rental car as needed.

Even if all you need Cline to do is fix a dent, there is one service they offer that sets them apart from the rest of the auto body shops in Santa Rosa, CA. This service is the detail they provide at no charge for every vehicle they service. They will give your car a full detail service, which will make it look much newer inside and out so that you can drive away in a vehicle that looks and feels much better than it did before you brought it to Cline.