Windshield Installation: Why Less Is Not More

When it comes to auto body repair, one repair that you really do not ever want to skimp on is windshield repair. The price tag for certain repairs can be cringe-worthy and can make you want to immediately look for the cheapest possible option, but it’s incredibly dangerous to cut corners where your windshield is concerned.

Your windshield is a major piece in the structural integrity of your car, protecting you from flying projectiles and in the event of a collision, as well as helping to maintain the overall shape of the body of your car in an accident. If it’s improperly installed, it could pop out or shift, causing irreparable damage to your vehicle and, by extension, you and your loved ones. A bad seal could also cause serious damage if your airbags are deployed, even resulting in a blowout and a dangerous amount of glass shrapnel.

windshield installation

It’s just not worth the potential damage, so if your windshield is cracked or broken and in need of repair, don’t try to find the cheapest possible replacement. Instead, go with an auto repair shop that has a history of professional installation and quality work. You can find such a shop through business recommendations and customer reviews.

To help you understand why a replacement may cost a pretty penny, we’ll go over the process with you. It’s a relatively quick repair, usually taking about one hour to complete and two hours to allow it to seal properly. In our shop, we follow OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) guidelines, which means we typically use factory-quality glass and professional installation to ensure a good seal. While some of our windshield installations may vary depending on the customer’s insurance company and policy, the bulk of our windshield replacements use OEM glass. At this time, we don’t perform repairs on small cracks or chips.

Windshields should be installed while wearing gloves to prevent the transfer of any skin oils to the glass, which can mess with the adhesive and prevent a proper seal. There’s a method to setting the glass, requiring primer and other bonding agents before it’s properly sealed. If the job is performed incorrectly or in a slapdash way, it can cause major issues with rust and leaking along the seal, as well as major safety concerns. Please don’t forget that your windshield is you top safety restraint — even moreso than your seatbelt. If your windshield’s seal is weak, you could be thrown from your vehicle when you otherwise wouldn’t be, resulting in terrible injuries or even death. Don’t take the risk!

If you have any other questions or would like a consultation for windshield replacement, please let us know. We’re here to help!