Dent Repair Sebastopol

Even minor accidents can be a stressor when it comes to finding dent repair Sebastopol drivers recommend for both quality and cost efficiency. Cline Collision Center’s expertise in the area of auto body work means that we’re the best equipped garage in the area to give you the repair you deserve at a price that’s manageable and reasonable. We love being a community business in Santa Rosa, and have long stayed committed to all our clients to keep their vehicles looking brand new for all their years of being driven. Our car body shop is ASE Certified and a Gold Class I-Car auto center, with technicians who have been working to paint, repair a bumper or fender, or fix a dent for many years of training and employment. We keep our promise to our clients to return their vehicles to them looking as good as or better than they looked when purchased. When you come to us for dent repair in Sebastopol, you’re signing on with an auto body care shop who’s committed to making you feel like the priority customer you are, in every way we can.

No Job is Too Big or Too Small – We can Fix your Dent

Dent Repair SebastopolCline Collision Center’s good attitude doesn’t just come in the form of our versatility with types of jobs we take on. We’re also excited to work with any customer to give them a collision repair job that fits their personal budgetary needs. This often means working with more difficult but more time-and cost-effective techniques to get the job done, and we’re ready to perform any special skills we know. For example, we can fix a dent caused by a minor cosmetic accident by returning the metal to its original shape without needing to repaint that area of the vehicle. This kind of paintless dent repair goes more quickly and takes less resources, meaning it’s easier on your wallet. We look for these kinds of helpful and skillful shortcuts in all areas of our auto body work, from paint jobs to dent repair to fender or bumper repair. Cline Collision’s professionals will take on the responsibility of any insurance paperwork needed for your repair, and we also provide you with a written warranty for any job we complete. When we’re this committed to quality, it’s no wonder that for dent repair Sebastopol drivers turn to Cline Collision Center. Give the best auto body shop a call, contact us online, or stop by our garage in person today to get your car looking fresh and fancy again. You both deserve the treat.