The Importance of Ford OEM Repair

Why is particularly important to make sure to go to the right auto body facility for your Ford repairs? Two main reasons come to mind: OEM parts and the growing trend towards aluminum frames.

We’ve talked before about the importance of Ford OEM repair. But the reality is, we can’t talk enough about it. We are passionate about OEM repairs because we know the difference they make in your vehicle. Aftermarket or “alternative” parts are substandard substitutes for the real thing; these inferior parts may be lower quality, not fit your car properly, more likely to rust or wear down, or have any number of other problems. OEM parts have been manufactured precisely for your vehicle, and with the highest quality in mind. Our dedication to using OEM parts and the proper manufacturer procedures for repairs is why we are a Ford recognized body shop.

In addition to the importance of OEM, the growing prevalence of aluminum frames is another element to consider. The Ford F-150, the most popular vehicle in America, has been made with a primarily aluminum body since 2015. What does that mean for Ford F-150 owners? The distinction between aluminum and traditional steel frames is important. The two metals can be extremely corrosive to one another, so if you take your aluminum body truck to a body shop that uses the same tools and space for all types of vehicles, your truck could be damaged. Even steel shavings can be corrosive, so aluminum repairs need an entirely separate space. It’s not just tools and facility either – the auto technicians need to be properly trained in how to complete aluminum repairs.

You may have heard that OEM repairs are better. Now you know two important reasons why. Cline Collision Center is a local Ford OEM repair facility that offers the best in Ford OEM and aluminum collision repairs.  Call us today for more information.