How to Avoid Corrosion

How to Avoid Corrosion

People often worry that their vehicle will rust out after the auto body repair. Anytime one of our technicians needs to cut into the body of the vehicle, it is now different than when it left the factory. However, a quality trained and licensed technician, like ours at Cline Collision Center can put it back exactly the way it left the factory. Without proper schooling and training, we do not recommend taking on your own body repair. When repairing body damage to your vehicle it is crucial to not miss a step, in order to ensure a clean metal surface. Corrosion is not always visible, unless it causes the paint to blister or raise. Here are some helpful tips we use to avoid corrosion:

1.     Don’t forget to put on gloves and follow instructions for metal treatments and primers during the paint refinishing stages. Did you know that the oil from your bare hands touching the metal can interfere with the primer quality?

2.     Drill all necessary holes before you begin the refinishing process. Remember to clean each hole of flakes to make sure there is no metal residue hanging around during the refinishing process. That would cause galvanic corrosion to occur.

3.     Clean welds thoroughly and apply corrosion protection or primers according to the paint makers recommendations.

4.     It is critical that there is no water in the air supply when spraying, so be sure to check your filters often for moisture.

5.     Make sure there is no moisture surrounding the vehicle before refinishing. We know it sounds basic but read the instructions for every step in the process to ensure a corrosion free outcome!

Each vehicle manufacturer sends out what is called a TSB, which stands for “technical service bulletin”. This booklet explains to the technician how to make each repair, in great detail. TSB’s explain to a technician every single step required in order to replicate the factory construction process. Cline Collision Center follows each of the booklets to a “T” to ensure you’re getting factory specified repair completed.

Cline Collision Center is a 5-star auto body facility located in Santa Rosa, CA. We offer auto body collision repair, auto body refinishing, frame straightening, bumper repair, car painting, dent removal, dent repair, and are excited to offer a free detail with every repair. When you choose Cline Collison Center it will be like bringing home a brand-new car again. See you soon!