New Drivers: Remember That the Easiest Collision Repair is Avoiding Collisions!

Accidents happen. But many of them are avoidable. We want you to be safe on the road and in as few collisions as possible. Here are some proven strategies we’d like to share for young drivers on how to prevent accidents:


The Easiest Collision Repair Is Avoiding Collisions

Here’s simple rule #1: Never, under any circumstances, drive your vehicle without you and all passengers belted in. Did we mention no, not ever?

Under the Influence is out of the Question

Simple rule #2: Never, under any circumstances, drive your vehicle after drinking, smoking, or ingesting anything mind-altering. Even in small amounts, alcohol and drugs compromise your ability to make good decisions, especially about your ability to drive. So, no, not ever!

Commit to Safe Driving

As you operate the controls of 3000 pounds of metal hurtling through a constantly changing landscape, it’s important to commit to responsible driving. Remember that you have more than just a steering wheel at your fingertips—you have the safety of everyone on the road in your hands, and this includes you!

Practice Makes Perfect

Get as much supervised practice as possible before getting out on your own. A parent or guardian needs to regularly drive with you to increase your competence behind the wheel. As you encounter more and more challenging situations, you gain valuable experience that enables you to respond skillfully.

Fewer Passengers = Less Danger

Night Driving

You increase your risk of a fatal crash with each additional passenger in your car. When you’re new to driving, keep it limited until you have thousands of miles of experience.

Night Driving = More Danger

Every mile you drive at night exposes you to three times the risk of a fatal crash compared to day-driving. Remember Elton John and don’t let the sun go down on you!

Easy Does It

Keep it slow, at least in the beginning. That means choosing lower speed routes. City and highway driving require navigating the road while calculating, analyzing, and responding to the varying speeds of multiple vehicles in real-time. It can be tricky, even for an experienced driver. Simple is safer as you get used to the machine you are in charge of!

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Dry pavement is challenging enough, but poor visibility and wet and icy conditions make things much more difficult. Make sure you have gotten plenty of practice in poor weather before heading out on your own. Your greatest friend is space, especially when the weather isn’t cooperating. Leave lots of room between you and the next vehicle.

Cell Phone

Multitasking behind the wheel, multiplied by inexperience, results in more accidents. You may think that talking on the phone while driving is harmless, but studies show that phone use reduces attention by 37%. That might be the difference in your ability to successfully react to suddenly changing road conditions. Texting or otherwise handling your phone is even worse. Our suggestion: put that phone away and don’t look at it until you are safely parked!

Drive a Safe Vehicle!

Choose a car with high safety ratings for your teen driver that’s in sound mechanical condition. That’s where we can help. At Cline Collision Center, we’re Gold Class-certified. This means that we offer superior craftsmanship and only use quality parts. This allows you to keep your eyes on the road while we keep our eyes on the prize, giving you quality repairs that you can rely on. Call us at 707-591-9909 or contact us online to make sure your vehicle is safe enough for your teen driver.