OEM Body Shop Santa Rosa

OEM Body Shop Santa RosaIf your vehicle has been in an accident, be sure to consult an OEM body shop in Santa Rosa. What’s the importance of finding an original equipment manufacturer body shop? Aftermarket and knock off parts cost less, and can be used to keep costs low. However, that price difference is seen in shoddy work that doesn’t match your vehicle and may not be safe. Modern cars are made out of new materials and precise manufacturing, which requires very specific repair procedures. It’s not possible to simply hammer out dents or weld without discernment anymore. You need specialized tools and the proper space to ensure the vehicle is fixed properly.

Collision Repair You Can Trust

You get the top of the line experience from Cline Collision Center, an OEM body shop located on Piner Road in Santa Rosa. We have the necessary equipment, well-trained auto technicians, and facility to repair your car to factory standards. In addition to using OEM parts, our technicians carry the highest level of training, certified through Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) and recognized by the Inter-Industry Conference on Auto Collision Repair (II-CAR) as gold class professionals. Our staff have the most up-to-date training in collision repair and, most importantly, are trained to fix your vehicle properly so it’s safe.

Becoming an original equipment manufacturer body shop is a commitment. Cline Collision Center has invested time and money into specialized tools and technician training. The result is better service for our customers. From body work to exact paint matches our experienced crew can help restore your vehicle to like-new condition. We are proud to be an OEM body shop serving Santa Rosa, and of the hard work we complete daily on customers’ vehicles. If you need a reliable auto body shop that will return your car to factory standard, call us at (707) 591-9909.