Should I Go To My Insurance Company’s Preferred Auto Body Shop?

What Body Auto Shop Should I go to?

When you first get into an automobile accident, you may have a million questions on your mind. Such as, does my insurance cover this? Is the other driver insured? Should I go to my insurance company’s preferred auto body shop? While we may not have all the answers, we can certainly assist you in the decision making process when it comes to choosing the right auto shop for you.

A few years ago, the California legislature decided that it was unfair to force consumers to use the repair shop recommended by their insurance company. This means not only do you have the flexibility to choose your own mechanic, but you must be informed in writing of your right to a body shop of your choice. While your car insurance company will provide their list of preferred shops, you are the ultimate decision maker. Don’t feel pressured into taking your vehicle to a company that you don’t trust!

High Quality Service

Cline Collision Center recommends that consumers select an auto body shop of their choice for several reasons. For instance, if you’ve already developed a relationship with a specific auto body shop, you can trust them with the care of your automobile. Familiarity breeds trust, and you’re more likely to get a reasonable quote with a guarantee. Furthermore, your insurance company will communicate with your preferred auto shop to ensure that you will not have to pay out of pocket.
By exercising your right to choose, you can make the most informed decision. If you haven’t already worked with us, we want you to know that Cline Collision Center is one of the highest rated auto body shops on Yelp. We specialize in hassle-free collision repair, and we promise to restore your vehicle to its former condition. We’re experienced in handling insurance company paperwork, and we stand by the quality of our work with a full written warranty. On top of all that, we like to throw in a free detailing because our customers deserve the best.

Ultimately, you have the right to choose which auto body shop you take your car to. We suggest that you do your research, ask for recommendations from friends and family members, or simply return to your preferred mechanic. For more information regarding car insurance preferred shops and our suggestions to you, give Cline Collision Center a call today!