Staying Safe on the Road as Days Get Shorter

Gloves? Check. Jacket? Check. Beanie? Check. You wouldn’t go out into the cold without being prepared, right?

Staying Safe On The Road | Windsor Auto Repair

There’s no difference with cold-weather driving. You need to be prepared for changing conditions.

For example, since school is in session, there are more cars and pedestrians out and about in fall and winter than in summer. But that’s just the beginning of cold weather issues to contend with. Fall and winter also brings fog, high winds, and extra moisture to the roadway. Are you prepared?


Following too closely is one of the surest ways to get in an accident. Especially in the rain. The first rain of the year is particularly dangerous when rainwater pools on top of dust and oil that has soaked into asphalt. This makes streets extremely slick. Be sure to give yourself an extra car length or two of space when you are behind another vehicle. You also want to make sure your wiper blades are working well—you need to be able to see the road so you can pick up signs of trouble quickly. Replace old wiper blades if they are streaking and smearing.


When cold air meets sunshine or warmer surfaces, a regular occurrence in cold weather, fog makes it difficult to see changing road conditions. Slow down when it’s foggy and give yourself extra space. You never know when you will need some extra braking time!


The sun is lower in the sky. This produces more glare that can impair vision, especially when driving east in the morning or west in the evening. That burning in your eyes can make it hard to see pedestrians, bicycles, or other cars. Traffic lights, stop signs, and other road signage can also be difficult to see. Get a good pair of sunglasses and keep them in your car at all times. Also, clean that windshield!So, when the weather gets colder, what are the best ways to make driving as safe as possible? If you said you were going to slow it down, give vehicles more space, and takes measures to increase visibility, you have answered correctly! No matter what precautions you take, though, accidents still happen. At Cline Collision Center, we will bring your vehicle back to pre-collision condition. We offer a full slate of autobody services, from dent removal to high-end painting and auto detailing. Contact us online or call us at 707-591-9909 today for a warm and relaxing auto body repair in Windsor