What Does MOPAR Stand For?

At Cline Auto Collision, we’re a MOPAR auto body shop, but what does that actually mean?

What is MOPAR?

MOPAR was named by combining the words “motor” and “parts.” MOPAR is the Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FAC) Global Service and Parts division that’s responsible for manufacturing and distributing authentic replacement parts, components and accessories for Fiat, Chrysler, Jeep, and Dodge vehicles. Despite being a department within the Fiat Chrysler organization, many car owners refer to all vehicles produced by them as MOPAR.

What is a MOPAR Shop?

As a MOPAR auto body shop, this means we only use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts for all FAC repairs. The label of MOPAR is the same as saying that we’re FAC certified and means FAC has acknowledged that we meet their strict standards for repairing all makes and models manufactured by them. We make sure not only to use OEM parts but also to follow factory approved procedures and recommended equipment for every FAC repair job.

Why Use MOPAR Parts?

It’s crucial to use MOPAR parts for your FAC vehicles because every part is engineered specifically for your car. While aftermarket or generic parts can cut costs significantly, they may be of poor quality, fit irregularly, or may even potentially alter the appearance or structural integrity of your vehicle. Using MOPAR parts will ensure you receive high-quality repairs that restore your vehicle to factory standards while keeping your vehicle safe and reliable. If you’re in need of repairs for your FAC vehicle, contact Cline Collision Center! We’re proud to be a MOPAR auto body shop offering superior repairs that will make your vehicle look and feel like new.

Can I demand OEM parts?

Everyone knows that car accidents are inconvenient, distressing, and potentially costly. As the concerned owner of a damaged vehicle, you may be wondering whether or not you’ll be able to get OEM parts.

Insurance companies sometimes try to keep costs down by using aftermarket parts, which are cheaper and lower quality. At Cline Collision Center in Santa Rosa, we want you to know that it’s within your rights as a vehicle owner to demand OEM parts after you’re involved in any kind of car accident or collision. You do not have to use cheap knockoff parts, and your insurance cannot legally force you to do so.

Although OEM parts are more expensive, they are higher quality and longer lasting. All these original parts, from fenders to windows, have been safety-tested and quality-checked. It’s extremely important to us to prioritize the overall performance of your vehicle and the absolute safety of its passengers, which is why we use OEM parts, have MOPAR and FCA certifications, and are a recognized collision repair center for Kia, Nissan, Infiniti, Hyundai, Ford, Honda, and more.

Cline Collision Center’s certifications give you the advantage of knowing our technicians will be using only OEM parts on all repairs. OEM parts are specially made and engineered to fit your particular vehicle, guaranteeing both that the car will function to the best of its ability and look exactly like it did before any damages occurred.

Cline Collision Center will coordinate with your insurance, give you updates on all of your repairs (via phone calls or through the app Carwise), and offer consistent and quality customer service throughout the entire process.
We’re a locally owned, operated, and loved business – feel free to give us a call today at (707) 591-9909 and make an appointment, ask questions about OEM parts, or anything else!